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Tow Truck in Pickering

For more than 40 years, Jim’s Towing has been offering reliable and friendly towing services in the Pickering community and the wider Durham region. Our services are known for being reliable, efficient, and friendly. We get the job done quickly and we get it done well, so if you’re ever in need of a tow truck in Pickering, Jim’s Towing should be your first call.
We offer many services to the area, including the following:

Light-Duty Towing

Medium-Duty Towing

Heavy-Duty Towing

Flatbed Towing

Wheel Lift Towing Services

Boom Truck Towing Services

Recovery Towing Services

Most of the towing that we do requires a flatbed truck. This kind of truck is incredibly common in the towing industry and is known for its safety. With the hydraulic lift system in place, your car can enjoy a smooth ride from the roadside to the bed of the truck. We always put our clients first, so you know your vehicle is always secure with us.

The services we offer range from the most basic towing jobs to more complex hauling services that include a range of specialist machinery. Our team has a ton of experience in all kinds of towing scenarios and we can help you out, even if the job is complicated.

The most commonly used of our services are:

Lockout Services




Emergency Roadside Assistance

Recovery Services

Scrap Vehicle Removal

Flat Tires

Fuel Delivery Services

For more about the services that Jim’s Towing provides, why not check out our services page?

Fast and Reliable Tow Truck Services in Pickering

With the Lake Ontario beachfront, a marina, and tons of local wildlife reserves, it is no wonder that Pickering has visitors from right across the Great Toronto Area, and it’s also no wonder that traffic gets pretty hectic across the town. If you have suddenly found yourself stranded by the roadside with a broken-down vehicle and no idea what to do, then Jim’s Towing is an excellent company to reach out to.
The Pickering community knows that they can rely on our impeccable services, and with our fleet of tow trucks operating 24/7, we can come and get you no matter the situation.
The services we offer range from help with cars and smaller vehicles that usually require light to medium-duty trucks all the way to big and complex jobs involving larger vehicles. We can work with everything from motorhomes to pup trailers to tractors. Just let us know the situation and we will be there.
Our team can work on incredibly complex jobs and all are certified to operate bigger machinery that may be needed to haul vehicles like dump trucks and cranes. The team is specialists in towing, so whatever has gone wrong, Jim’s Towing can make it right in the most efficient way possible.

Accident Towing in Pickering

If you have been involved in a road accident in the Pickering region and don’t know where to turn, Jim’s Towing is always around to offer you the support and services that you need. Most often, in the case of road accidents, vehicles will need hauling away. Jim’s Towing has been operating emergency roadside services for decades and we’ve perfected our routine.
Our team knows how difficult road accidents can be. They are stressful and scary, so we are dedicated to offering a warm and compassionate service that can get you and your vehicle sorted out as quickly as possible. We can offer support to all involved and can even store your vehicle in our secure storage lot if you are yet to find out where your vehicle needs to go.
For a friendly and calming service in the event of a road accident, Jim’s Towing is here to serve.

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For a tow truck in Pickering, Jim’s Towing should be the first place you go. With a variety of services, including specialist options, we can help you out no matter the circumstances. Our team prides itself on our incredible customer support and we have the experience needed to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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