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Cargo Services, Loads Swaps, Load Transfers Oshawa and Durham Region

At Jim’s Towing, we know that not all towing situations are between two cars, which is why we offer services that cover large trucks, construction equipment, cargo, other heavy loads, and much more.
Keep reading to find out more about our cargo services and how we can help you reach your final destination.

What are Heavy-Duty Cargo Services?

The cargo services offered at Jim’s Towing cover many different aspects of cargo transportation. We can help get cargo loaded and unloaded, ensure your construction equipment and materials make it to their destination, help with load swaps and offer roadside assistance for heavy-duty vehicles.

We understand that as a company, you may not have the equipment to deal with large shipments and heavy loads. This is why we offer this service across Oshawa and the Durham region. You can call us in an emergency or schedule our cargo services!

If you want to get your shipment to its final destination, you can count on Jim’s Towing to help!

Does Towing Heavy-Duty Cargo Require Specialist Equipment?

Yes. There are many different pieces of equipment required for different cargo and heavy-load jobs. These can include everything from a wheel load, chains and hooks, and winches to boom lifts and underlifts.
Many of these pieces of equipment used for heavy-duty vehicles and cargo require specialist training, and you’ll be glad to know that the crews at Jim’s Towing all have it. We ensure that our team has all the up-to-date knowledge required for cargo services and load transfer jobs. Safety is incredibly important to us, so you can count on us to keep your load secure while we carry out our work.
This equipment is expensive, so if, for example, you’re a small company looking to ship cargo you may struggle to cover the costs of buying all the required equipment and training your team up. Jim’s Towing has been trusted and relied upon in the Oshawa community for years, so you know you can rely on us too.

When Would I Need Heavy-Duty Cargo, Load Swap, and Load Transfer Services?

Typically, if you’re offering shipping services to customers, you will have your own vehicle fleet that can handle each load. However, some smaller companies don’t yet have the budget or may want to outsource these shipping services. If you have a business that ships cargo, you may need our services!
For load transfer services, we can support your company and ensure that your load gets safely and securely transferred from a railcar, semi-trailer, or truck. Whatever and wherever you need our services in the Oshawa and wider Durham region, Jim’s Towing is committed to ensuring we complete each and every job as quickly and efficiently as possible.
If you’re not sure whether it’s our load transfer, load swaps, or cargo services that you need, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We’re dedicated to offering quality customer service and will be able to point you in the right direction.

Why Should I Choose Jim's Towing Services?

Jim’s Towing has been in the industry for more than 40 years and the residents of Oshawa and the surrounding Durham region have come to rely on our services. We offer a huge variety of vehicle towing, assistance, and roadside services that you can utilize, including our cargo services. So, whatever you’re looking to ship, we’ve got you covered!
The process of load transfer and other cargo services can be intricate and complex, but there are no jobs too big for Jim’s Towing. All of our crews have the requisite training and will ensure the safety and security of your vehicle, cargo, or load. We are dedicated to offering an exemplary service, no matter what the job is.
If you’re new to our vehicle towing and cargo shipping services, we will walk you through the process and describe each step in detail, ensuring you know exactly what is going to happen with your cargo and when.

Looking for Heavy Duty- Cargo Services, Loads Swaps & Load Transfers in the Oshawa and Durham Region? Contact Jim's Towing Today!

Shipping cargo, unloading and loading, and load swaps all require a lot of technical expertise. Fortunately, Jim’s Towing has got it all! We stay up-to-date on training and the most efficient method for each of our services, and we’re proud of our track record of successful jobs.
Get in touch with Jim’s Towing to find out more about how we can help you ship all over the world from Oshawa and the Durham region.

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