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RV Towing Services in Oshawa and Durham Region

In Oshawa and the Durham region, there is no better heavy-duty towing service than Jim’s Towing. We have been in the business for forty years and we have built up a fantastic reputation in the area. Our service is known to be reliable, efficient, and above all, friendly!
We have a fleet of heavy-duty tow trucks that can help with the hauling of many vehicles, including garbage trucks, cement trucks, construction equipment, and RVs. Find out more about our heavy-duty towing service and how it can help you with your RV below.

What is Heavy-Duty Towing?

Heavy towing services are offered by a towing company with a fleet of heavy towing trucks. These trucks can help haul away many heavy-duty vehicles, including

School buses, and other commercial buses



Dump trucks

Box trucks

Garbage trucks

Construction Equipment

Cement trucks

Heavy-duty tow trucks, often known as heavy wreckers, can be used in both emergencies, like when a truck has gotten its rigs stuck or vehicle recovery or for scheduled hauling jobs, like cargo services and load swaps.
Heavy towing units require specialist certification and experience to handle. Fortunately, all of the crew at Jim’s Towing have been working with this heavy equipment for years and are up to date with all the latest certifications and safety information.
So, whether you want to schedule your heavy-duty towing job, or you need roadside assistance, Jim’s Towing can help. No job is too big or too complex for us!

Can Heavy-Duty Towing Help With My RV?

Motor homes and RVs can get into difficulty on the roads, especially during inclement weather, like heavy rainfall and snowy conditions. As such, having a reliable and efficient towing company to hand when disaster strikes is a good idea!
Jim’s Towing can offer heavy-duty towing at the roadside should your RV or motorhome get into difficulty and need recovery. The heavy wreckers in our fleet are more than suitable for hauling RVs and our whole team is trained in this kind of towing service.
As experts in the heavy towing field, we have dealt with many accident and breakdown situations involving vehicles as big as commercial buses and trucks with heavy loads and as small as bikes and cars. As such, we have all the heavy equipment needed and the training to get the job done as quickly as possible.
We know that accidents involving motor homes can be particularly stressful. Maybe you’re on your way out of town, or in the middle of a family holiday. Whatever it is, if you have a breakdown or accident in Oshawa or the Durham region, Jim’s Towing can offer you a friendly service to get you back on your way ASAP.

When Might I Need RV Towing Services?

Along with emergency roadside assistance, you may also choose to use our services if you’re transporting your RV or motor home across the country for servicing, relocation or after selling it.
If you’re looking to schedule our towing service for the removal of motor homes, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be able to give you all the information you need to book the correct service.

Why Should I Choose Jim's Towing?

Unfortunately, things can go wrong when you’re on the roads. Every kind of vehicle, from dump trucks to dirt bikes to a Chevy Silverado can get into precarious and challenging situations, and so too can your RV. Having the right equipment to deal with the hauling of a heavy vehicle is the hallmark of a great towing service, and we’ve got it.
Jim’s Towing has a huge fleet of towing trucks and vehicle options suitable for the hauling of RVs and we will respond quickly to all emergencies. So, if you’re in Oshawa, Durham or the surrounding area and in a difficult situation, we’re on hand for towing, recovery, and any other kind of assistance you need.

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Looking for a towing service in Oshawa, the Durham region, and the surrounding area? Jim’s Towing has experience with a wide variety of heavy-duty towing, including semi-truck decking and un-decking transportation, winching and recovery services, and the towing and hauling of RVs and motor homes!
Our team has the knowledge and equipment for an efficient and easy job that gets you on your way in no time. We are proud of our impeccable service and are relied upon across the area. Give us a call today for more information.

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