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School Bus Towing Services in Oshawa and Durham Region

In Oshawa and the Durham Region, Jim’s Towing has made a name for itself as a reliable and trustworthy towing company. We can safely tow a large number of vehicles, from cars to school buses, semi-trailers, and construction equipment. Our fleet of tow trucks ranges from light-duty to bigger and more complex heavy-duty equipment, which is why we offer a fantastic and efficient towing service for school buses.
Find out more about how we can help you tow school buses in the Oshawa and Durham region below.

What is Heavy-Duty School Bus Towing?

Heavy-duty towing can involve many different commercial vehicle types, and school buses are just one of them. A school bus towing service is exactly as it sounds; a service where a tow truck, usually a single-axle truck, moves a school bus from one place to another. This could be from the side of the road when the vehicle gets a flat tire, during an accident when roadside assistance is required, or when the school bus has come to the end of its use and is being removed.
There are a ton of reasons why you may need our help to tow a school bus, so whether it’s in an emergency or you want to remove your school buses on a scheduled day, don’t hesitate to reach out to Jim’s Towing. We have tow trucks suitable for this kind of job and can be ready whenever you need us.

Does Towing Heavy-Duty Cargo Require Specialist Equipment?

Yes. There are many different pieces of equipment required for different cargo and heavy-load jobs. These can include everything from a wheel load, chains and hooks, and winches to boom lifts and underlifts.
Many of these pieces of equipment used for heavy-duty vehicles and cargo require specialist training, and you’ll be glad to know that the crews at Jim’s Towing all have it. We ensure that our team has all the up-to-date knowledge required for cargo services and load transfer jobs. Safety is incredibly important to us, so you can count on us to keep your load secure while we carry out our work.
This equipment is expensive, so if, for example, you’re a small company looking to ship cargo you may struggle to cover the costs of buying all the required equipment and training your team up. Jim’s Towing has been trusted and relied upon in the Oshawa community for years, so you know you can rely on us too.

When Might I Need These School Bus Towing Services?

Towing a school bus requires a bigger kind of tow vehicle than many school districts have access to, so when a school bus comes to the end of its usefulness, they may turn to tow truck operators in the region. And that is where Jim’s Towing comes in.
With our fleet of trucks, we can have your school bus moved from your parking lot to wherever its final destination is, no matter whether that is cross country or in the Durham region. As school buses are larger vehicles, towing them is much more complex, which is why we recommend you use an external crew with the requisite knowledge to get the job done safely!
While in a perfect world, your school bus would be towed when it has come to the end of its use, there are instances where our roadside assistance is needed. Whether it’s an accident, driver error, or a breakdown, Jim’s Towing has been operating emergency services for years so you know you’ll get a reliable and efficient experience with us.
An accident or breakdown involving a school bus can be overwhelming and a little bit chaotic. From the children on the bus to the driver of the vehicle, everyone will probably feel a little bit panicked and stressed. Our crews have the experience to get the bus towed as quickly as possible and offer a friendly and empathetic service to keep everyone calm and feeling safe during difficult times.
So, if your bus has broken down or gotten into difficulty with a class on board, there is no better tow service to turn to than Jim’s Towing.

Why Should I Choose Jim's Towing?

Towing a bus is a challenging job, but Jim’s Towing crews are all experienced and well-equipped to deal with this kind of service. We offer all kinds of towing services and have trucks that can deal with even the most complex situations. All of our crews are up to date on the latest safety information and are certified to operate the machinery needed to tow a school bus.
We’ve also been honing our customer service skills for years and can offer a friendly and positive service with short waiting times and full clarity on the situation. Our team wants you to feel safe, whatever has happened.
Jim’s Towing has forty years of experience working with all kinds of vehicles, so if you need someone to haul your school bus, we should be your first call!

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We know how stressful it can be when a school bus is caught up in an accident or breakdown, so we offer empathy and friendly guidance as we pull your bus and get you on your way once more. Get in touch with Jim’s Towing for more information today.

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