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Heavy Duty Towing in Oshawa and the Durham Region

Jim’s Towing Oshawa offers heavy-duty towing services to the Durham region. Heavy towing involves bigger vehicles than your average car and requires professionalism and precision. At Jim’s Towing Oshawa, we’re proud to have a dedicated and experienced crew that is certified and able to handle a range of heavy towing jobs, no matter the circumstances.
To find out more about our heavy-duty towing services, read below.

What is Heavy-Duty Towing?

The towing of any vehicle weighing more than 17,000 lbs is considered heavy towing. Heavy-duty towing requires specialized equipment to ensure that it is done as safely and efficiently as possible. Operators of heavy towing equipment are also required to have in-depth and highly-specialized knowledge.
Heavy-duty towing cannot be done with traditional towing trucks. Instead, we use a variety of vehicles for our services, including hauling trucks and trailers.

What Kind of Vehicles Require Heavy-Duty Towing?

Heavy towing comes in handy with a number of different vehicle types.
These include:




Dump Trucks


Construction Equipment and Vehicles


Pup Trailers


It is important to note that some of the larger vehicles on this list, including combos, dump trucks, and pup trailers can only be towed in some limited circumstances and may require separation before we can handle them. Our team will advise you as to whether this is the case over the phone.
If you’re not sure whether your vehicle requires heavy towing or another kind of service, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team members. They can help guide you toward the best option for the vehicle you need towing.

When Would I Use Heavy Towing Services?

Heavy towing services may be used in a number of situations. You may need to move your fleet to a new location and require our team to tow your vehicles for you. You may also need to move construction equipment to a new job and not have the capacity to do so yourself. If you require our services on a specific day then booking in advance is the easiest way to make sure we’re available to help you out.
Some situations where heavy-duty towing is required may be totally unprecedented. If you are involved in a collision or your vehicle breaks down and leaves you stranded, you can get in touch with our emergency team. We operate 24/7, so no customer is ever abandoned, and we complete every job in a professional and efficient manner.
If you require accident recovery services with a heavy-duty vehicle, we can also store your vehicle in our secure lot while we await instructions on where to take it. We understand the stress of being involved in a road traffic accident, and we carry out accident recovery with the utmost care and empathy.
Alongside our heavy-duty towing services, we also operate roadside assistance services, including lock-out services and fuel delivery services. The roadside assistance service is open to all vehicles, including heavy-duty vehicles.

Where Do You Operate Your Heavy Towing Services?

Jim’s Towing operates all over Oshawa and the wider Durham region. We cover areas including Whitby, Courtice, and Bowmanville. Our heavy-duty towing services are available in all the places where we operate, so if you’re in need of heavy towing we have you covered.
If you’re unsure whether we operate in your area, give us a call and speak with one of our team. We’re proud of our incredible customer support services and will have your question answered in no time.

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At Jim’s Towing Oshawa, we use state-of-the-art equipment run by experienced and highly skilled members of our crew. We operate our heavy-duty towing services with the utmost safety and always get the job done as securely and efficiently as possible. Heavy towing differs depending on your vehicle, so we recommend speaking with a member of our team to find the best course of action.

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