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Towing Services in Oshawa & Durham Region

Jim’s Towing Oshawa team is dedicated to providing you with elite towing services, so you will choose us as your towing service provider of choice in Oshawa and the Durham Region area. Our goal is not only to ensure your vehicle is towed safely and securely but also to make your experience a positive one.
Our drivers are well experienced in the following areas:

Light-Duty Towing

Medium-Duty Towing

Heavy-Duty Towing

Flatbed Towing

Wheel Lift Towing Services

Boom Truck Towing Services

Recovery Towing Services

Jim’s Towing Oshawa often uses flatbed trucks which use a hydraulic system to allow the truck to move up and down smoothly. This method of towing is popular because of its safety and efficiency. Using the hydraulic system, the bed is tilted to the ground and the vehicle is then hooked to an anchor and steadily pulled to the rear of the tow truck. Generally, these towing services are best suited for cars, trucks, and heavy-duty vehicles and can be used for towing vehicles over a long distance. Our fleet is also equipped with “wrecker” style trucks. These “traditional” tow trucks utilize wheel lifts and dollies, to protect your transmission and protect your valuable car while we transport it. We have wrecker-style trucks capable of lifting an entire bus!
Light-duty and medium-duty vehicles are the most common types of towing services we deal with and often include the following:

Lockout Services




Recovery Services

Scrap Vehicle Removal

Flat Tires

Fuel Delivery Services

Fast and Reliable Tow Truck Company in Oshawa and Durham Region

The towing of a vehicle requires considerable experience and precision. If you use the wrong type of tow truck, it can damage your car’s transmission and other components.
The use of flatbeds is a good choice when it comes to transporting medium-duty towing because they prevent tires from coming into contact with the road directly. Light-duty cars can also be moved far distances using wreckers and not have your vehicle come into contact with the ground.
In order to tow vehicles like RVs, vans, motorhomes, and box trucks, you’ll need medium-duty towing services. In these types of towing circumstances, low-profile trailers and land dolls are commonly attached to tractors.
Towing heavy-duty vehicles in Oshawa and the Durham Region requires reliable companies that use durable equipment and employ skilled operators to ensure the vehicle is towed safely. With a fleet of heavy-duty tow trucks, we can tow some of the heaviest trucks, such as tractors, semi-trailers, dump trucks, motor homes, buses, construction equipment, and cranes. In addition to hauling trucks and trailers, we can transport combined units such as dump trucks and pup trailers in limited circumstances. Pup trailers and combos can be oversize and may need to be separated.
Using our fleet of heavy-duty tow trucks, our team can also provide auto accident towing and emergency roadside assistance so that you can resume your normal business operations as soon as possible.
Our reputation as one of the most trusted towing companies in Oshawa and Durham Region is based on providing reasonable rates and high-quality service.
To ensure your safety and peace of mind, our tow truck experts use fully certified equipment and accessories. We specialize in towing all sizes of vehicles, including heavy, light, vintage, and even equipment.
Whenever a vehicle dies, Jim’s Towing Oshawa takes care of it. With one call to us, we can transport your vehicle to the location of your choice, safely and professionally. We at Jim’s Towing have always put our customers first, using state-of-the-art equipment.

Accident Towing Oshawa and Durham Region

In the event of an accident, Jim’s Towing Oshawa will respond quickly to help you. If you’ve been in an accident, our accident towing services in Oshawa and the Durham Region is always available to help.
Our emergency roadside operators will respond quickly to your roadside emergency, not only ensuring your safety but that we also safely tow your vehicle to the Collision Reporting Center or repair shop of your choice.
Our tow truck experts treat every customer with the utmost empathy, working to clear the accident scene. Our towing experts are well-trained and equipped to handle accidents in an efficient, caring and professional manner.
Are you unsure of where to take your car? That’s no problem. While you wait for your insurance company to contact you, we can store your vehicle in our secure storage lot.

Contact us today for 24/7 Towing and Accident Services in Oshawa and the Durham Region.